Rain, Rain

I guess the month of rain, and the first trimester utter exhaustion has been getting to me, and I don't much feel like blogging. I sleep at every oportunity, and we have barely been able to leave the house. Summer has not arrived, and I'm sitting here typing in my turtleneck sweater and Uggs. We have had some fun and interesting things happen lately, like our big annual "summertime" BBQ, and I'll post pictures from that once I manage to get them off the camera and onto my computer that is already brimming full.

In the meantime, I'm going to post pictures from one of the three (partly) sunny days this past month. Last year I took pictures of my little four month old baby surrounded by my favorite flowers- peonies, of which I have a million in my yard. They bloom for about a week, and have to be brought in fast before it rains and smooshes them. Anyway, its a cute "watch me grow" and next year hopefully Hazel will be holding her little brother or sister with her peonies.