Shark Attack!! Part I

This weekend was Hazel's Halloween party with her friends from the Beverly Hospital Mom's Group. There was about 60 people there, and piles of babies in costume. Of course, the cutest one was Hazel, who was dressed as a shark and played the part well. Hazel is the only one in the group who was crawling because the is many months older than most of them other babies. She spent the party "swimming" around the floor of the party, attacking one baby after another. For most of the afternoon, all we saw was her dorsal fin, weaving in and out of the crowd. These are some of the pictures other folks took at the party, and I'll upload ours as soon as I figure out how.

The Land Shark and her father.

The Land Shark primarily feeds on the pacifiers of other babies.

The Shakedown. "Where are those pacifiers!?"

Anson the Lobster and Magnolia the Organ Grinder.

The Land Shark likes to help take down the decorations.

Magnolia, Hazel and Anson

Getting everyone together for a group shot. Not easy. Note the Land Shark (far right) devouring her newest prey while everyone is distracted.

Lots of crying.

The Shark takes out the Lobster.

Anson and his dad, Scott.

Sharks also feed on Giraffes.

Magnolia nad Mama Laurie.

Planing the next move.

I love this fat little shark.


Jaymee said...

love the costume, hazel you look darling. thanks for making me smile today. now help momma figure out her new camera.

Chelsea said...

The pictures are great! It must be so much fun to have so many babies to get together with. I LOVE the costume, how cute!

Noli's Blog said...

that shark will always make me smile!