Old Men

...but first I just wanted to share that my most heart wrenching and honest blog entry about multiple sclerosis was posted on Brass and Ivory, a blog that discusses "health policy and big pharma are sprinkled with a little multiple sclerosis and music." Lisa is an MS blogger extraordinaire and send me super kind and informative emails when I was first diagnosed. Just wanted to share. Someone likes me!

So, since this camera problem has me operating about two weeks behind schedule, I'm just getting around to updating with pictures from our trip to Middlebury for the Old Boys Rugby Reunion. Jamie, and the other old men from rugby teams past whooped the young 'uns who currently play for the college. They taught those kids a lesson in Newtonian physics; force equals mass times acceleration. Roughly translated- you get fat when you get old, and though you may not be able to run as fast because your knees hurt and you have angina and so forth, it don't matter when what you're hitting is a third your size. The Old Boys beat the kids 38-14.

Getting ready to leave for Vermont

It's a long drive!

Grumpolina watching the game

Group picture of the Old Boys Middlebury Alumni Rugby Team

There's your dad, Hazel!

Look how old they are!

Hazel was stunned seeing all the old men in their tiny shorts.

This is my friend William Taylor. He was kind enough to let me stay at his house with Hazel since the boys went out to the rugby drink up and slept in a trailer in the parking lot after the game. His sister Emma who is five was also nice enough to let me sleep in her princess bed. We made cupcakes for their brother John's first birthday. Their mama Danielle certainly has her hands full.

The next night we stayed with Hazels grandparents in St. Johnsbury. Hazel was kind enough to lick Hectors tags clean for him.

Hector didn't mind.

Watching the game.

Keeping the pesky Vermont mid-October mosquitoes off.

And here are some funny pictures of Hazel over the past couple of weeks. This is Hazel's imp-y, troublemaker face.

She gets these teething cookies stuck in her mouth every time and we can't pry them out, so we just wait for them to dissolve in there.

Hilarious pacifier #1

Hilarious pacifier #2



Hazel is so expressive...and beautiful.

Thanks for your kind words. See, I"m still reading. I hope that things are going well in the MS department. And yes, someone likes you!! As do many others I imagine. ;-)

Dawn said...

She is so beautiful Amanda! I like her trouble maker face! Too cute!

Jaymee said...

as someone who has always liked you and is married to someone who adores you HUGS and KISSES.

Hazel you are too funny. Being mobile suits you, just remember never wander too far from your momma, who loves you more than life itself.

Noli's Blog said...

Are you Hazel's dad? I recognized you from the short shorts.