Shark Attack Part Deux

Well, I finally figured out how to get the pictures from my camera to my computer! So here are some more shots from Hazel's Halloween party with her friends. Enjoy!

I may look innocent...

Group shot with Magnolia the Organ Grinder and Anson the Lobster

And it all falls apart.

All the babies (See the video of this shot being set up in the post below...the crying is spectacular.)

Hold tight to your watches and jewelery. My daughter the grifter.

The next attack; baby cow. Veal!

Magnolia has had enough of the violence and tries to take out Hazel. The Land Sharks only natural enemy is the Organ Grinder Monkey.

Beatrice Rosemary. Hazel and Bea are going to be old ladies sitting on a bench together feeding birds at the park.

Taking advantage of a sleeping lobster.

Digging around for a pacifier to steal from a sleeping baby.

Pooped little shark after a long day.


Husband Clothes said...

OH MY GOSH. That is definitely the cutest little shark (and shark attack) I've ever seen. All of these photos are absolutely irresistable!

There is nothing in the world more wonderful than cute babies in cute costumes. Thank you for these lovely photos!!!

AlePancha said...

i loooooved the shark chronicles! and so i loved the pics, she really looks cute in that custom!
Great pics Am!

Little Miss Maia said...

Oh wow, having a blast laughing at Hazel the Shark attacking at will and stealing pacifiers :)