My House Was Full of Sarahs and Maias!

We had our two friends Sarah over for a play date, both of whom have daughters named Maia, and we had so much fun! We had grand plans of taking pictures in a pumpkin patch, but it didn't work out that way. One set of Sarah and Maia came all the way from CT to play, so that was pretty impressive! We did manage to get out to the bar for some beer and fried clams, and Sarah's super-cool husband Jeremy played photographer for the afternoon. Now if only I could somehow get Sarah to send those silly pictures of all three babies crammed into the armchair together.....hmmmmm.......

Sarah and Maia, Me and Hazel and Sarah and Maia out at the pub.

Baby love!

The two Maias!

This is my favorite picture! Maia is so sweet that she offers everyone her pacifier to suck on. When she is without a pacifier, she just lends you her finger. Hazel was happy to take her up on it. They had a symbiotic relationship. Mutually dependent.

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