Ipswich Bonfire & Some Random Cuteness

So when we got our quarterly newsletter from The Trustees, Jamie noticed that a friend of his from college is an ecologist for the nonprofit, and lives in Ipswich. So we got in touch with one another, and he has two little kiddos. They invited us over to their place for a last-minute hot dog roast and bonfire in their back yard.

THIS is their backyard...

A large group of kiddos and parents raosting hot dogs on a chilly October evening.

The most amazing view.

Wow. The salt marshes at high tide and sunset.

I love it when she sits like this, with her stumpy little legs, and her belly hanging over her pants.

Jamie with Hazel and Magnolia.

Magnolia's silly "curious" face.

Best friends! (We like to think so.)

Caterpiller Cowgirl

Hard at work.


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