What Hazel Has to Say

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I guess thats all she had on her mind. Hazel has been super sick with a fever and stomach bug lately. She might be starting to pull out of it, but this is day three of a fever and long, long naps. On Tuesday I was delighted to experience projectile vomit for the first time. Blueberries, too! Poor thing has just been sleeping on my chest all day, every day. We went to the doctor today and she has perked up a little bit tonight, and has been torturing Flossie for about half an hour, so I'm thinking she is feeling better. I'm hoping that tomorrow she will be back to her usual self, and will have more to say to her readers. Anyway, for those who were wondering, thats where we have been. We have pictures and videos to post, so I hope things will be back to normal around here soon!

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