Photos from the Week

I'm just posting some pictures that I've been collecting from the past week or so.

Hazel's belly has been looking particularly chunky lately, so we had to get about a dozen pictures of its glorious round-ness.

I love when it hangs over her pants.

Chunky belly, chunky face, wonky eye.  Yum!

Our old friend Steve was in town for the weekend from his home in Portland Oregon.  I have known Steve for EIGHTEEN YEARS.  He had his daughter, Sofia just three months after Hazel was born.  I have no idea why this picture is so yellow...

Hazel is really, really good at playing maracas.

She loves to shake it, shake it, shake it.

We went into Cambridge to have lunch with Jamie one afternoon.  Hazel even put in her adorable felt owl hair clip to show off at the office.  She was a big hit.

But she really just sat in front of the elevators and ate her dads keys.

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