Crushing Anxiety

I will be taking a break from blogging until the presidential election is decided. This is an incredibly emotional election for me, my first as a mother. I feel as if more is at stake now than there ever has been before in my lifetime. I am scared, anxious and excited to see what the next couple of days have in store for my country. This is the end of a very long and trying struggle. As far as my family is concerned, there is only one choice for us. I know that Barack Obama is going to be the best president for me as a mother, as a social worker, as someone with a chronic illness, as a survivor of institutional child abuse. I have faith that my fellow Americans will make the right choice. I hope and pray that when I return to this blog, it will be to announce that my country has elected it's first black president, and that my daughter will grow up in a country in which truly anything is possible.



I'm right there with you on the prayers and hope. This is a big election and many things are possible. I've already voted, and it was for Obama. Hopefully my anxiety level will turn into elation come the final tallies.

AlePancha said...

my best wishes. i too hope for a good outcome.

hope to see u back soon.