No Excuses

I have no reason for not blogging, other than the fact that I'm pregnant and exhausted. It ain't easy chasing after a crazy toddler with a sandbag strapped to my gut. And this second pregnancy thing....man, I have no muscle tone or something because I'm carrying so much lower and feel always like I'm ten weeks further along than I actually am. I guess the big news is that we found out we are having a boy, which seems so strange and foreign after having a girl for almost two years. He is an active little guy, just like his sister and we are excited to meet him in February (or, late January hopefully!). Other things happened this summer; it rained for about six weeks straight, we went to the beach a lot and Hazel proved to be as daring in the waves as she is in everything else. We took a vacation in Maine, and spent a week in Vermont. I slept as much as I possibly could. Nothing really Earth shattering. I got a new computer, which has probably slowed me down more than anything. I'm a new convert to Mac, and still trying to figure everything out. I haven't even tried to upload pictures from my camera all summer. I'm a mess! Wondering how realistic this blogging thing is going to be after the new little one arrives.

As for Hazel Porkpie, she is fabulous. Perfect, Hilarious. A pistol. Whip-smart. She is talking non-stop and incredibly active. Her personality hasn't changed, but become so much stronger with each passing day. She is stubborn, single-minded, smart, so happy, opinionated, funny, and delighted by everything. She knows all of her body parts, a ton of animal sounds and learns new words all the time. She talks constantly about cars ("cai") and all the various "cai"s that she sees in a day, and has been a little focused on her and others butts, too. She is getting grabby with her toys, and vocal about her needs and wants. She is incredibly social, and loves to visit with her friends that we still see every week from the newborn group back at Beverly Hospital. She has a lot of friends and a lot of adventures. She climbs everything she can, kisses every animal she meets, and charms total strangers. She is incredible.

We had another photo shoot with our fellow blogger, Kerry Goodwin, too. These are the highlights of the day. You can view some more of the pictures from that day here (link to the proofs at the bottom of the post).

This little monkey has grown so much...


Lisa Emrich said...

Before I followed the jump from Google Reader, I was going to say that you might be having a boy. My Mom has always claimed that she can tell who is having a girl vs. who is having a boy by how the baby is carried.

Boys tend to hang lower (which was true for my brother) and girls tend to be higher (like I was....right under the ribs). So to read your news fits perfectly with that theory.

heather said...

So beautiful. And she poses so well! We're at the hair in our eyes stage and I have no idea what I'm going to do about it!
Thanks for updating us! Good luck on the last trimester-I hope it goes by quickly.

Brenna said...

I was JUST thinking about you this morning, I'm glad to hear from you! Hazel's hair has gotten so long, she's just beautiful. Do at least post to welcome the new guy, you know we all want to 'meet' him!

One of Hazel's nurses said...

Congrats on the baby boy :o) That is awesome!

Hazel looks great, just beautiful.

Congrats also on the switch to Mac. I switched three years ago (this month) and haven't looked back!

anna said...

It's great to have you back Amanda!

The photos from Hazel are incredible, she's a beautiful baby!!