A Civic Minded Baby

Hazel had her first Ipswich Town Meeting on Tuesday, and it was quite an affair. We stayed until about 11:30pm and there were still several more points of business to attend to. Hazel voted in favor of the Prop 2 1/2 Override and in favor of the new Wind Turbine that will be built at the end of Town Farm Road. This town is going to be the first in the region to harness wind power. "Cut Carbon Emissions, Not Schools!" She fits right in in this tiny, beautiful, progressive, rural town. I'm so thrilled that she gets to grow up in such an amazingly gorgeous little place with the best quality of life in the state. The community here is so tight and it really feels like Mayberry USA but with a phenomenal beach. Lucky kid.

So it looks like the override is going to pass, which is an awesome thing. Almost no one is opposed to it because the high quality if the schools in Ipswich are such a priority in the culture here. I'm so glad that Hazel is going to be in a district that values the arts as much as test scores, and I'm glad that most of the town seems to be on the same page. We're also so excited about our new wind turbine!!! How cool is that?

Anyway, Hazel had her first playdate with her new BFF Magnolia on Wednesday. Noli is three weeks younger than Hazel, but despite the age difference, they already have a lot in common; they both like to fuss and eat. We mostly sat around Laurie and Noli's house, had lunch, talked about stuff and took breaks from eating to poop. We attepted to go out for a walk because it was such a beautiful day and all the flowers and horses were out in peoples yards, but Noli was verry fussy for some reason and as soon as she relaxed, Hazel decided that it as her turn to be a pill box. Overall, we had a wonderful time! It was so nice to get out and about, to see other human beings, and to pass the time with a couple of cool women instead of Oprah and "Dr." Phil. Here are a couple of pictures Laurie sent of the BFF's whooping it up together.

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