Fourteen weeks and Pictures Galore

Hazel's beach romper for her first day at Crane Beach over Memorial Day weekend.
A vision in terrycloth.

More carseat. Look at the toes!

Memorial Day Parade! Very well attended.

Lots to look at.

A sleepy little chunk.

I am so thrilled by these chunky little thighs. Every night that Hazel goes to bed with her thighs intact is a miracle because it takes all my strength to not take a bite out of each one.

Another hike in the woods on a beautiful morning.

Look at Hazel sitting in her Bumbo seat that Corleigh gave her! She can sit up for a good five minutes or so before she slums to one side and lets out a wail.


What a nice dress to chew on.

More koi hat.

I had to sneak this one in. I love my dogs.

Our new sunhat. The same facial expression we got with the snowsuit.

Doing yardwork in our jammies, early in the morning with dad.


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Jaymee said...

how have you managed not to just eat her? she is so expressive, adorable and down right cute. i know a lot of babies her age (6), and she takes the prize.