Hazel's New Playroom

This child's stuff was taking over my living room. In an effort to streamline things in our little almost- two hundred year old house, we (initially reluctantly) decided to transform the adjacent library into a playroom. We kept much of our stuff in there, but moved it onto the top shelves. We are giving Hazel the bottom two shelves of the built ins, and eventually we will clear out the cabinets underneath for more of her stuff. We wanted to get her a kitchen, since she always loves playing with them at other peoples homes, and a little table and chairs for crafts and snacks.
These toddlers start taking up a lot of space. We were lucky to have a friend bring over a huge box of toys for Hazel, none of which would fit in our living room anymore. We also wanted to rid ourselves of the gigantic, 200-pound tube television that took up half the room with a slim, light, wall mounted LCD with hidden wires and components on the built ins. This is probably the best thing we have done for our quality of life. Hazel is so happy to have her own little space, and we are so happy to have some of our space back. Everyone is happy. Except the cats- they are never satisfied.

Kid friendly, without being kid-centric.

Eventually I'll make it to Ikea to get some storage bins for the bottom two shelves for Hazels toys and art supplies. The record player will probably stay so Hazel can rock out. Also, that framed lace on the wall was made by Hazel's great-great grandmother Zarhouie.

We still have some more art to hang on the wall. Hazel loves this little light up "fish tank" that scrolls fish by. She sits in her chair with her cup and just watches them go by and laughs.

These shelves will have containers/bins eventually.

That's Hazel's purse- I loaded it with her sunglasses, toy cell phone, plastic keys and my expired credit cards. She carries it around on her elbow all day.

Yay! Our new little TV! The room seems so much bigger now.

Living room looking into the new playroom. The bins on these built ins were just moved up to make room for Hazels books on the bottom shelf. The bins still contain some of her toys that will eventually move into the playroom or up to her room. The cable box and DVD player are now on the fourth shelf up with the wires run through the wall. Thank you, Dave!

Knitting and blogging chair.

The dogs on their couch. *sigh*

It's like getting a new house. Still small and old, but a much cleaner and less cluttered one.


Brenna said...

Our storage ottoman was the best thing I think I've bought since Anna arrived. But she's starting to explode out of that and it's a never-ending wrangle and re-org to keep some portion of this house in a color scheme other than RAINBOW EVERYWHERE! Good job, it looks fantastic!

Jaymee said...

you are coming to decorate my house, right? it is beautiful!!

All About Amelia said...

adorable! i have been a blog-stalker for awhile btw! where did you find the table and chairs?? they are perfect and our play room could use a set!