Most Beautiful Kids In The World

I watched this about a hundred times tonight, and it made me cry every time! These are the kids from the PS22 Chorus in NYC. This is why school music programs are so important!


Trish from NJ said...

that is beautiful! thank you for posting!

Kath in UK said...

OMG it makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck. I loved the hand movements to.

I wrote a lot when my 3 yeaar old son was hit by a car and in intensive care for2 weks followed by hospital for 6 weeks.

I'm not sure how I got through it nut my MS seemed to be on hold while I sat at his bedside for weeks. When they took him off all the wires and cables woke him up and lifted thm from the bed it was like he had been born again. That was all 7 years ago now and he's a normal boy being as ammopying as any other now !