One Week Old

Things we have learned about Hazel:

* Her witching hour is sometime between midnight and 3am
* She loves to have her head stroked
* She is a snuggler, and is happiest when she is curled up like a frog on our chest
* There isn't much she hates more than having her clothes fussed with
* The best part of her bath is having water poured over her head
* She has the most expressive repertoire of grunts, beeps, peeps, clicks, whistles and chirps
* She wins burping contests with her dad
* She hates being kissed on her face
* She honks in her sleep
* She has changed so much in one short week. Already she is more alert and can focus her eyes pretty well. No more drunken, cross-eyed stare! She loves to gaze intensely at us, and we love to gaze right back.
* She makes piggie grunting sounds when she eats and we have to slow her down or she makes herself sick.
* She has a very strong urge to suck, and always goes for the back of her right hand

Things Hazel has learned about us:

* We are much better co-parents than co-kayakers, co-ballroom dancers, or co-chefs
* We laugh so much more than we thought we would since she came
* We are having much more fun than we ever expected to have
* We are better parents than we thought we could be
* We are a perfect team
* We communicate pretty damn well
* We are more in love with one another and with her than we thought possible

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