Evict my Wombmate

Ten more days until Hazel's due date and time for a quick update! Thank you to everyone who has called and visited, as anxious for her arrival as we are! I am beyond uncomfortable and miserable at this point, and Jamie and I are so excited to get this pregnancy thing behind us. We have been racing around trying to tie up all of our loose ends around the house while we still (sort of) have time. Hazel's room is just about ready for her. We have been trying to spend some time alone together, going to movies and dinner, cooking together and generally trying to just enjoy each others company before things change quite a bit for some time.

The dogs are gearing up for their new pack member, too. My wonderful girlfriends Jillian and Missy came to visit me yesterday and get me out of the house. Jillian brought her absolutely beautiful, happy nine month old son Nathan along for the ride. Hector was so excited to see the baby, and instantly lay down with his massive head in Nathan's lap and rolled over on his back. He doesn't cuddle with us that much. Flossie took a minute to warm up to the idea of a kiddo, but was happy and excited about her visitor within the hour and spent the afternoon marching around with Nathan's hat in her mouth. I think they will really enjoy having a kid to play with and look out for. Let's just hope they don't feel too neglected.

I had my last day of work on Thursday, and it was very sad and surreal to leave. I'm going to miss seeing my coworkers every day, and I'm going to miss some of my clients. I'm trying to get myself to relax and enjoy the downtime before the baby comes, but it's pretty hard.

On Thursday, we also had our last ultrasound. Hazel is in a great position and packed in there pretty tight. They estimated her weight at 7 lbs 13 oz. and she is looking chubby with a full head of hair! Unfortunately for me, my cervix has shown no change, and she is still very high up. Looks like I'm stuck with this pregnancy thing for a while longer, but you never know.

I'm trying everything I can to induce myself; drinking red raspberry leaf tea by the gallon, trying to walk around as much as I can stand it, going to the chiropractor and massage therapist every week, getting acupuncture for labor induction and working my own acupressure points until they are raw. We even went out for a giant Indian food feast the other night but still no luck. Jamie and I made the mistake of measuring my girth the other day, too. I'm coming in at 48 inches around, which strikes me as gross, but also explains why my spine feels fused together and why I have not slept in months. Hazel is being very stubborn already.

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