She's Here!

After 34 hours of labor, at 6:50pm on Tuesday February 19th 2008, Hazel Ana Donovan was born! She weighed in at 7 pounds, 10 ounces and was 20 inches long. We came home from the hospital on Thursday afternoon and have been moving nonstop ever since, just trying to keep each other alive. My body still has a lot of recovering to do.

Hazel is the prettiest and sweetest little baby I've ever seen, and Jamie and I are completely in love, of course. Hector and Flossie have been amazingly gentle and protective, too. We have just been trying to get through each day and night with minimal screaming and crying from all of us. I have been having a difficult time recovering from the two day marathon my body had to run, but Hazel has been delightful! She loves to snuggle and be carried around in her sling. She falls asleep the second you lay her belly to your chest and has the funniest little facial expressions and drunken eyes! She hates being kissed on her face and loves her hair being stroked. She hardly ever cries except when she is put down.

We are going to have a lot to write here as we all get to know each other, so I hope that you keep checking in. Thank you to all of our family and friends who have been so supportive of our family over the past fourteen months. We are sorry that it has taken us so long to call everyone individually; it's all we can do to manage a shower for each of us during the day. Thank you to everyone who has called and left messages and emails. I'm going to try and get back to you all as we get into a routine, but it might take us a little while. We definitely would love visitors and can't wait to show off Hazel and her little face, so please let us know. We are pretty much around all the time in the next couple of weeks, and would love to see you all. If you bring us a casserole, you can come anytime.

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