Hazel's Family

Hazel is blessed to grow up with (at current count) five other cousins all born within the last two years. We are all blessed to be welcoming two more cousins to the gang- another baby girl in June and another in September. That makes EIGHT cousins all within two and a half years of each other. Can you imagine? Summers are going to be so much fun at the beach with this brood. And since we are almost outnumbered, we are in a lot of trouble in about thirteen years. I can't wait.
Auntie Jen and her oldest son Owen
Left to right: Uncle Brian holding Owen, Auntie Jen holding Lorna, behind them is Uncle Patrick holding Oliver (who will be a big brother in June), me holding Hazel, Lisse holding Cecelia, Jonathan holding Annabelle

Photoshoot over!

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