We're Still Here

Hazel and I are both half dead from viral gastroenteritis, and Jamie has been working hundred hour weeks, staying down in Cambridge most nights to try and get this project done by Friday.  His company helped me out by paying for a babysitter this afternoon so I could get some rest and try to rehydrate myself, but I would rather have Jamie home.  I'm on hold with Hazels pediatrician now (going on 40 minutes) to see if theres anything I can do for her.  Maybe they can give me a little something something, too.

Thank goddess for mama friends, though.  With Jamie in the weeds at work, Laurie came by with milk for Hazel and Ginger Ale for me late last night.  Don't know how I would have hydrated without her!

Big news, though!  Life doesn't stop just because of a little vomit and diarehhea- Hazel is walking!  She loves it, and she is getting incredibly good at it.  It's amazing to me that a year ago she couldnt even hold her head up.  She went from taking a couple of steps to walking all over the house in just a few days.  It's adorable.  I love her wobbly drunken stagger, and she is just clapping and laughing all the time.  I do have video, and pictures, but can't deal with anything while we are sick and I'm a single parent.  As soon as we are feeling better, I will get back to it.

Hope everyone in TV land is doing well!

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Tara said...

I hope you are both feeling 100% now...in time for your Jamie visit! I love your reference to the "wobbly drunken stagger"...Kelan has it down pat too. It is sooo adorable. I put a video on FB. He is walking more and more and more everyday. Hugs to you and Hazel!


P.S. Great new blog background too!