We Killed the Keg!

Last year we had a BBQ the last weekend in June so we could show off our new house. We decided to do it again this year to show off our new Hazel. We had about 60 people over the course of the day, and a couple of families stayed for a sleepover. Unfortunately, the weather was not the greatest. There were a lot of people expecting a day at the beach with a dinner time BBQ, but because it was so chilly (59 degrees!) and slightly drizzly all day, they just came right over and we had the grill going for the whole afternoon. Hazel was delightful, as always. She was passed around and hardly ever fussed. She loved watching everyone talk and move around, then she went to bed.
Jamie is finding out what a chick magnet a cute baby can be.

Here are a bunch of people in my back yard.

This is Mau Mau, Piper's transitional object, who she decided should be strapped in for safety.

Hector was very content to lay and be admired by all the beautiful ladies.

Piper and Owen, who is pretending to be a boy who doesn't know how to walk yet, but he totally walks and is really good at it!

This is Estelle, who is so beautiful it's scary. But she does like to give the camera the stink-eye.

Here are more of our friends eating food and working on the keg. Hazel is currently in her third outfit in this picture, being loved on by Natalie. I don't know why people like to congregate by the barn so much.

As the night wore on, people decided the fire was more comfortable then the barn. These are some of the folks who stayed for the sleepover. Hardy, Mike, Laura, Danielle.

The folks again, dealing with the drizzle. This is Bacci, Hector's new best friend. Even Flossie got along with Bacci.

John Mike Taylor.

Emma Taylor who said Hazel's shirt made her look "just like a princess" and couldn't get enough of her. We always have fun when the Taylor kids stay over. They spent Sunday at the beach together so I could get a chance to clean up an nap.

Sunday afternoon, I hear a knock on my door as I was cleaning up. It turned out to be my dear old friend Michael Santoro, who I have known since I was 16. I had not seen him in the flesh in about ten years. He and I picked up right where we left off, and I didn't even care that I had not showered or washed my face, was not wearing a bit of makeup (but I was wearing the shirt that I had slept in) and for the life of me could not remember if I had even brushed my teeth. That stuff doesn't matter when you have friends like Michael, who I consider my brother. That is, until he's all, "Let's get a picture together!" Ummmmm.......

Michael is working on cooking up his second child, so he was loving snuggling with Hazel, getting excited for "those quiet little moments".

Have I mentioned that Michael's son, Gio is just as handsome as his father?

Ugh. I'm working on two hours of sleep here. But I love my friend.

Here's Hazel mugging before she heads out to the beach.

Mama. Mama.

And this was how a busy and exciting weekend ended for us all.

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AlePancha said...

Oh Hazel's pics are the cutest!! She's got this beautiful round eyes!!