The Biggest Adventure Yet

I'm so excited! We're going to New York City with Hazel! I can't wait to bring her to the city for the first of many trips for her. We're staying in sort of a strange place, down in the Financial District which is slightly out of the way, but as long as we're downtown, I'm happy. I'm going to spend some time visiting friends, we're going to take Hazel to MoMA (of course) and maybe walk over the Brooklyn Bridge to wander around DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights. I want to take her to Chinatown and SoHo ad to the Central Park Zoo. I hope that she falls in love with New York, and if someday she moves there with stars in her eyes, then I will be so happy for her because I think that everyone should live in New York if they can, even if it's just for a year.

If anyone has any ideas about what else we sould try and do in NYC, then let me know. I've never been there with a kiddo before, so this will be a slightly different trip than the ones we've taken in the past. (Fung Wah to Chinatown, crappy hotel in Murray Hill or a friends floor in Alphabet City, dinner on East 6th and bars in Lower East Side, somehow ending up at a party in Williamsburg until dawn, brunch with friends at noon and a day of wandering around SoHo spending money. Then fondue and hair-of-the-dog in Chelsea.) This trip I think will be a bit more mellow with earlier bedtimes, unless my friend Justin has a show in which case Hazel will get to go to her first comedy club at the tender age of seven months. Anyway, this will be our first vacation together, and I simply cannot wait.

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