Four Month Stats

Weight: 13 pounds, 8 ounces (50th percentile)
Length: 25.5" (75th percentile)
Head Circumference: 16.5" (50th percentile)

Hazel is still good and average and right on track! We are going to see a pediatric opthamologist about her Wonky Eye (my diagnosis) which you may have noticed in some of her pictures. If she's lucky, she may get to wear an eye patch for a little while. AAARUGH, mateys! If that's the case, I cannot be talked out of dressing her in a head-to-toe pirate costume until the problem is resolved. I told the doctor that Jamie and I have both had various Wonky Eye issues ourselves and he said, "Well, at least she came by it honestly then." He did point out that she has an uncommonly wide nose-bridge. Thanks, Jamie.

Hazel also had her DTaP and Rotavirus vaccines again today. Our doctor has been supportive of our alternative vaccine schedule, and today he hurriedly whispered to us about coming to appointments prepared (meaning with a copy of the schedule that we want) because the nurses weren't always as supportive. Lo and behold, in comes the nurse acting as if Jamie and I were requesting the moon itself, behaving as if we were totally outrageous people demanding bizarre and unnecessary things like our own brand of hippy, voodoo medicine. AND SHE TRIED TO PUT ANOTHER DAMNED "BOW" IN HER HAIR! This woman is cracked.

So, overall everything is going well. Jamie and I went to a wedding last weekend for his old high school friend Josh, who married Vanessa. They are both pharm reps (read: drug dealers) and get this, they met at an erectile dysfunction conference. I love it. I don't know if they necessarily get the irony, but I'm still getting a good laugh out of it. Even so, they are both beautiful, happy, funny, loving people and we are beyond happy for them both.

The other big news here is that Sunday was Jamie's firs Father's Day! We didn't do much that day, but I got tickets to the Lowell Spinners game and matching, or rather complimentary daddy-daughter Spinners shirts. I also had a little photo book made for Jamie with all the pictures of the two of them together (like this one) so he has something to take with him when he has to travel, and a few prints of some favorite pictures for his office, since he has none there and it has been distressing for him.

Speaking of travel, Jamie has been out of town in Horrible Houston for the past three days, and it was rough for all of us. Hazel decided that since Daddy was gone, she wasn't going to go to sleep at bedtime, so she was up with me every night and ended up sleeping in bed with me, exhausted and fussy. She was ON ME all day every day and did lots of whining. I don't know if I was just lucky, or if Jamie's absence really got to her. We had no problem keeping busy, though since Ella was sick and had to be shuttled back and forth to the vets office, and we had our last Neurotic Mothers Group on Tuesday and lunch with the ladies. When Thursday morning rolled around, we were supposed to attend the new Neurotic Mothers Group for Older Babies where they were doing a baby sign language class, but Hazel and I were so tired ("What do you expect, mama? I have not slept for days!") that we both slept in until 11:30am. Holy Cow. We needed it.

So Jamie returned from Hot Houston last night around 1am safe and sound and is now out back cleaning up our yard in preparation for our big Annual BBQ Kegger that we are hosting next weekend. And wouldn't you know it, but Hazel is sleeping soundly, taking a two hour nap in her crib, after daddy put her down. *sigh*

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