Catch Up

WOW. We have a lot of pictures to catch up on here. Hazel has been a very social girl the past couple of weeks and luckily we remembered the camera at least half the time. Hazel will be 19 weeks old on Tuesday! I'm still trying to figure out when I can start going by months instead of weeks. I don't know the protocol. Here are some snapshots of Hazel doing her thing; rockin' sunglasses, teething, sitting in her Bumbo seat (video of strange jerking movements associated with the Bumbo are below), and dancing on the counter in hot-pants with her dad. The usual. Then there are a couple of pictures from a party Hazel attended last week for Corleigh and Janel, who both gave their notice at the North Shore Rape Crisis Center at the same time! Corleigh was schooled in why the Moby wrap is better than the Bjorn, and Janel took every opportunity to snuggle. Then there are some more pictures of Hazel hanging out, which she has been doing a lot of lately. Good for her.

I learned some funny facts about Hazel's birthday from some silly website, but they are kind of cool. Her birthstone is an Amethyst, she is a Pices, and her flower is the Violet or Primrose. She was born in the year of the Rat. This was cool; Hazel will start kindergarten in 2013, will be old enough to drive a car in 2024, will graduate with the class of 2026 (!) and will graduate from college in 2030, if she takes after her father. If she takes mom's route, she will more likely graduate in 2035, but will have some awesome adventures to tell my grandchildren about. At this time last year I was 7 weeks pregnant. She looked like this. She has come a very long way this year..

Rockin' her shades.

Yes, we are teething.

"Mama. Mama."

Dancing on the counter. Not in compliance with federal safety standards.

Corleigh finding love for the Moby. And for Hazel.

This is Janel about to start ovulating.

We love these socks! They came from Genius Babies, which isn't nearly as much of an obnoxious yuppie site as it sounds. They actually have really cool baby toys for reasonable prices and everything is stimulating and not branded with some obnoxious cartoon character. These striped socks have little bugs on the feet. When Hazel kicks, they rattle and when she grabs at them, the bugs wings crinkle. Since she discovered her feet last week, she gets a lot of enjoyment from this game.

Mama is going in to bite Hazel's chinny chin chin! This cracks her up and makes her squeal and shriek so loud!

Chewing her silver teether from Cousin Michelle.

This is a new, adorable thing Hazel does. I started giving her cloth diapers or baby washcloths to clutch and chew on. I think it felt good on her teeth and she loves grasping soft things and bringing them to her mouth. Then I noticed that she was rubbing them on her face and eyes when she was tired. She would pull the washcloth or cloth diaper over her face when she was really sleepy. Now, when she gets overstimulated, she pulls the cloth up over her face and goes right to sleep. If she doesn't have a cloth, she fusses until I give her one, then she instantly calms down, pulls it up over her face, and passes right out.

This is actually Hazel watching TV. No, I do not let her watch TV, but when it happens to be on, she is drawn to it. I put her down for a minute and when I turned around, she was engrosed in VH1. She looks so serious.

This is what we call her Cool Girl outift. Her rainbow legwarmers are from Baby Legs.

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