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This past weekend we were back up in Vermont for our friend's wedding at their house in Chelsea. They actually had a small wedding a couple of months ago at their farm, but this was the big party for all the friends and family. They bought this farm last year together and have been working on it all summer. It's a beautiful 75 acres of mixed orchard, pasture and woods. Erik has continued raising chickens, pigs, sheep, honey bees and has recently added two cows. The house on the property was built sometime in the early 1800's and was down to the studs when they bought it. They have done the most incredible job fixing it up and moved in a couple of months ago.

Let me say that Jess and Erik are perfect. I know it sounds corny and cliche, but they were made for one another, and I could never picture them with anyone else. They are the most amazing couple and are going to have such a beautiful family. If you had told me at my wedding five years ago that Erik, who's antics that night I won't repeat here, would be married to a woman like this I would have called you a damn liar. He has made a perfect choice.

Here is one example of why I think they are so awesome. Follows is the copy from the wedding invitation:

"What's a shotgun wedding with out a pig roast?
Please join us for a night of
Pork, Booze, and Dirty Dollar Dances
**with the lovely Sada D_**
The rest of the dancing will be pretty dirty as well.

Jesse D_
Erik A_
Saturday, the Ninth of August
Two Thousand and Eight
Half Past Five O'Clock in the Afternoon

Ye Olde Sex Farm (Our New Home)
Chelsea, Vermont

Expensive Gifts Appreciated
"Don't Bother the Livestock or Poke the Hay"

The best part is that this was printed on formal invitations. I love them. And the pig was delish.

The tent set up at Erik and Jess' house.
The rear of the farmhouse.

The "after" picture! I wish I had taken a "before" picture because you wouldn't believe your eyes.
Falling apart. This was the best picture I got of Hazel and Evan, who was born the day before her. Becky and I found out we were pregnant at the same time last year. They also live in Vermont and Becky's first crush was also David Bowie in Labyrinth.

Just one of Hazel's hilarious new pacifiers.

Hazel was such a trooper. I thought she would sleep reclined in her stroller with a blanket tossed over it, but the band was kind of loud and she was so excited by everything going on. There was actually about four other babies there Hazel's age, and all of them were wide awake at 11 o'clock and all were glassy eyed and exhausted. Everyone was doing laps around the perimeter of the tent with the kiddos in the strollers trying to get them to sleep. You can tell how tired Hazel is by how wonky her left eye is.

The Little Family!


This little camp belongs to Jess and Erik's neighbors. They loaned it to us for the night so we wouldn't have to drive 30 minutes to the nearest motel. This camp was 1/4 mile up the road so we could just hop back and forth and Hazel had a quiet place to sleep at night. Most everyone else was camping in tents on their land, but I hate sleeping in a tent and I think Hazel is too young for that. Next year we will reconsider...

The morning after, a quiet breakfast with the hosts on a lazy hung-over Sunday. That's Erik in the background on the far left. Hazel barfed on their rug three times that morning. *sigh*

Hazel and Estelle, two little old ladies.

Hardy and Laura, also from Vermont. Hardy, inspired by the invitation, penned a song for the new couple titled "Sex Farm". Upon announcing the name of the song to the guests and receiving an uncomfortable silence punctuated by chirping crickets and clattering silverware, Erik informed Hardy that there were in fact two separate invitations that were mailed. I would post the lyrics here, but I would have to reclassify this blog as containing "Adult Content".

A tired baby in a rest stop bathroom the following day. Hazel travels so well that its easy to take advantage of her. We are terrible.

A rest stop at University of New Hampshire to roll in the grass and air out.

Hazel can sit up on her own, using her abs and back muscles to hold her trunk up, as long as I hold her feet for balance so she doesn't fall ass over teakettle.

Proud Mama.

I've never seen a cuter butt.

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AlePancha said...

I was just checking out this set of pics again... and i love the "proud Momma" one! You look so cute Amanda! You've got this i'm-so-in-love smile/look!
Big hug to you and Hazel!