Boston, You're my Home

For Father's Day, I got Jamie tickets to a Lowel Spinners vs. Vermont Sea Monsters game. I had to get them so far in advance because to my complete surprise, the games sell out before you know it. I bought these at the end of May and August 3rd was the first day that there were two seats available together on a weekend. It's too bad because after today, I think I could go to a game every weekend all summer.

First and foremost, Lowell spanked Vermont 7 to 1. Our $5 seats were awesome (yes, that's FIVE DOLLARS) , really close to the field by first base. The park is adorable and really small. Though it was sold out, it didn't feel crowded, no lines for the bathrooms or consessions. And they had Stella Artois on tap. I might be going to hell for saying this, but this park beat Fenway in almost every category. It was clean, friendly, comfortable and cheap. Best of all, we didn't have to fight with ten thousand 19 year old twinkie girls in those stupid pink Red Sox hats. God, how I hate those pink hats. *shudder*

We got to the game in the fourth inning because Jamie had some work he had to finish up, and we figured that Hazel wouldn't really be able to sit through nine whole innings. Next year I'm going to buy tickets to a bunch of games the day they go on sale.

Getting psyched for the game.

Knocking back a cold one in the top of the fifth.

Sharing her first (or second) beer with dad.

Spinners Superfan.

Final pitch.


Park Management saw Hazel with her Spinners shirt and sunglasses and they said, "We have to get this picture! Wait here. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE FIND THAT PHOTOGRAPHER!" Not too surprising since Hazel was the cutest superfan ever to enter the park. Turns out the official Spinners photographer was down on the field, and since Hazel was about to fall apart, we couldn't wait for her. The park staff was so disapointed! It was cute. Hazel was this close to being famous! The new Spinners mascot.

After the game, they invite all the kids in the park down to run the bases. It was adorable, and unlike Fenway, it didn't end with a half-drunk rent-a-cop chasing them down, beating them senseless and dragging their limp bodies over home plate. Score one for the Spinners!

As close as Jamie would get to the alligator-thing. He was really dirty.


Little Miss Maia said...

Wow, sounds like a great time!! And WHERE did you get those sunglasses for Hazel?? Those are the best!

hottracks said...

That was a melt-ur-everything story...did you ever find those photographers pics?? The ones posted are great!

AlePancha said...

LOL! love the sun glasses! she's too cute!