Trying It Again

Just to make sure that yesterday's successful beach venture wasn't a fluke, we attempted it again. This time with a bathing suit and everything! Hazel lasted about an hour at the beach before she had enough. Luckily we don't have to drive all day and pay $25 bucks to park here.

Oh, this again?

Future Sports Illustrated cover.

Wanting to touch it.

Still considering...



Hazel was so brave! She let the waves come in and splash her all the way up to her belly! I was so proud of her, because it must have been a little scary.

A beautiful day.


AlePancha said...

Can she get any cuter!?
Sports Illustrated to say the LEAST! Hazel loves the camara...!

Little Miss Maia said...

LOVE the bathing suit! Looks like Hazel had a blast :)

HeatherNSteve said...

hey amanda!! i must say- Hazel is SOOOOO adorable! i love her!!! all the pics are so cute from the past week. she really is a doll. i want to pinch those cheeks of hers! :)