So whaddya think? The "before" pictures are in this post. Other than a few minor touches like the "8" being hung back on the house upsidedown, and one rear porch light hanging sideways, it is all finished.
Now on to other problems; my digital camera shit the bed. Any suggestions on a new model that I should look at? Something inexpensive because I really just use it for snapshots. I don't like things with a ton of features that I have to learn but will never use, but it needs to take good pictures. Also, for some reason I can't view this blog. I get an IE error message telling me "operation aborted" (!) and it closes the page. Blogger bug? IE bug? God knows. I'm a technotard and just can't deal...


AlePancha said...

wow!! i love it! looks brand new!
gotta love the 8 lol!

Little Miss Maia said...

Love it! What a transformation!