This Weekend

Jamie took Hazel and I out of town for my birthday this past weekend. We stayed at the Blueberry Hill Inn in Goshen, Vermont, population 227. It was beautiful and such a nice relaxing escape. Te breakfasts and dinners at the Inn were spectacular, the company was delightful (for the most part) and the setting was gorgeous. Hazel is an absolute dream to travel with. We had been nervous about it, especially since dinner was served family style to all the Inn's guests at the same time, right at Hazel's bedtime. So it could have gone either way. Soon Hazel was the star of the show, and everyone went on and on about her and what a "good" (meaning compliant) baby she is. And only one woman gave me unsolicited parenting advice! The whole weekend!

This is the best picture that I could get of the amethyst ring (Hazel's birthstone) that Jamie and Hazel got for me. I wear it on my wedding finger to keep my family with me.

Moose! The first of FOUR that Hazel saw this weekend.

Outside of an antique store in Brandon, VT. Little baby in big chair.

Hazel chillin' out by the waterfall.

Bringing her bottle of Red Bicyclette to dinner at the Inn.

Hanging out under the apple tree behind our room after a day in the car.

The pond behind out room. We woke up to this every morning and fell asleep to the frogs every night. The little building behind the pond is the wood-fired sauna.

This poor lonely dog spotted us driving up the road and came charging towards our car. He showed up at the Inn looking desperately for someone to play with. He loved kiddos and kept charging at them every time one came around the corner. There were about four kids swimming in the pond before dinner and this poor dog just paced the ponds edge waiting for them to come out. He was a cuddly fellow, and Hazel is fond of dogs, so we made a temporary family.

Keeping an eye out for kids in the mood to play Chase.

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