So, since Hazel has been born, I think I have maybe one picture of the two of us together in which I do not look like a big pile of unwashed crap. Seriously folks, when you see Hazel and I looking cute together, please take a picture. And then give it to me. Everyone is all, "Oh, take a picture with me and Hazel!" or, as is most often the case, I am the one in charge of the camera taking everyone elses pictures for them and no one thinks that I might like to have a nice picture with my daughter. One in which I have applied a bit of makeup, am wearing real clothes, not sitting on the couch watching VH1. And if it could be at a flattering angle, that might be nice, too. If it could also not be a corny look-at-the-camera-and-say-"cheese" snapshot, that would be good. Honest to god, people...I am her mother after all.
So after expressing my extreme displeasure to Jamie, I put on some lipgloss, we went for a walk in Rockport and I gave him control of the camera. After a brief instruction in how not to emphasize double chins and to not call attention to the camera, he took these really pretty pictures of my daughter and I. Finally. Isn't she beautiful?

She was so busy staring at her dad and refused to look at the kind stranger taking the picture. He didn't feel like standing there all night.

Our corner.

I love it when she smiles with her whole body like this. Her face can't contain all the happiness.

I love that she is about to dive through the window so that she can put that curious thing in her mouth.


Little Miss Maia said...

Great pics! Even though Little Miss Maia's daddy is a semi-pro photographer, we don't have many nice mom & baby pics either...

AlePancha said...

Aw! I love ur pics!! You girls look great! Round of applause for Dad and his good-eye!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I noticed the new pics on BF (this is Bethany), and was going to comment. They really are beautiful. :-) I need to get some of me and Christian. The ones I have now are mostly self-portraits. My SIL made a comment the other day that it was funny to see a pic of me and Christian in which she could see both my hands! lol. Yeah, one is usually holding the camera, and the other has the baby.