Anson's First Lesson in Love

So on my birthday last week, a couple of mamas came by bearing cupcakes for a little playdate between tornado warnings. Poor little Anson was plowed and left in the dust by Hazel. He was resigned to catching a ride on her butt while she tried to kick free. I wish I had it on video, because Anson just sort of allowed it all to happen and it was so sad, but of course we just sat and laughed. Of course the second we turned our backs, Hector swooped in and swallowed my birthday cupcake in one gulp. By the time we discovered it, he just looked up and spit out the candle. Thanks, Hector for totally ruining my birthday.
Mama Tina and Lola. Clearly made for one another. Tina will be greatly missed when she begins her OBGYN residency at BMC and will be working crazy 80 weeks for the next four years. Eek. The mamas of Boston will be lucky to have her catch their little ones, though. Rumor has it that she'll even breastfeed your baby for you! *wink*

Hazel carelessly kicking Anson out of her path of spit-up destruction.

"Wonky eye? What wonky eye?"

Look at his limp little arm...
...and dazed stare.
Oh Anson, don't let her treat you this way.

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