Picnic Weather

So this week (between funerals) Hazel did a lot of visiting and traveling. We went up to Maine on July 4th to visist with the Langfords and Donovans at the lake house for the afternoon. Normally, we go to Warren Vermont so that we can assisst our friend Hardy in staffing the Sugarbush float in the anual parade. This year we were unable to do it because we were having to leave for Rhode Island the following day, and it was getting to be too much. So we killed the afternoon at the lake house and were home before fireworks started. It was for the best; Hazel is still too little to be staying out till all hours, sleeping on the floor in Vermont after marching all day in the sunny parade full of drunken friends and loud music. Next year will be much better.
On Thursday, Hazel again hooked up with her BFF, Magnolia and they packed up a picnic and headed out to Castle Hill for the Thursday night concert. They danced, had a few beers and then fell apart from overtired-ness. I think we are going to be regulars at the Thursday night concerts this summer, despite the fact that it goes two hours past poor Hazel's 7pm bedtime.
Hazel and Magnolia playing before we leave for the concert...they share the same interest in toys!
Hazel is giving The Lip. You can tell she is so tired because her eyelids are red.

The girls dancing!

Porkpie listening to the music.

Hazel and Magnolia being coy.

A picture of Hazel and I, since no others seem to exist. This one is particularly unflattering.

The view from the lawn to the ocean.

Dancing on the lawn in front of the Main House.

After dark, looking down the Grand Allee to the ocean.

Laurie making Hazel giggle, even though she was so tired after her long night of dancing under the stars.
Another example of Hazel's new sleeping habit. This is her nest in our bed, and here is her little washcloth that she has pulled over her face for naptime.
Grandpa Donovan getting his love on at the lake house.
Gazing at Forest Lake

Thinking about a swim.

Jamie and Hazel at the lake house.

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