Vision in Prunes

Feeding food is silly and adorable and all, but it's also getting old fast. Hazel is such a messy eater that it is taking our entire morning to get this thing done. By the time we start doing two meals instead of one, I won't be able to leave the house until she is able to order her own Chinese food. Hazel requires a bath after every meal because she so loves to rub everything through her hair. Believe it or not, these pictures were taken after only a few bites of prunes. At least I have learned to feed her naked now for an easier clean-up. I'm very tempted to just move the booster seat outside and turn the hose on her when she is finished eating. In the interest of efficiency, of course.

So far, Hazel has had avocado (can't get enough), banana (eh...), sweet potato (no thanks), peas (blech), brown rice (tolerable), prunes (alright) and yogurt (delish).

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AlePancha said...

I can see Joaquín and I in this pics!
She is adorable!
So here's my 'short' comment:
Joaquín's nanny (37yo, mother to 3 teens) tought me (the second time she saw me feeding Joaquín) to hold his hands under the babero (bib, u call it?) while food travels from plate to mouth, then i release and do it again with every bite LOL!