Breaking My Promise

I had to come back to blogging really quickly to just say that today is a melancholy day. I noticed for the first time Hazel's body changing from Baby into Kid. Her visiting nurse came today to give her a check-up, and we stripped her down to her onsie to weigh her. Her limbs are getting noticibly longer and thinner, and her delicious thighs are losing some of the chunk and roll. Her belly is flatter and her torso is longer. God, is she long! It's very bittersweet. I'm going to miss my baby so much, but I'm so excited to meet my kid.


AlePancha said...

Bittersweet, that's the exact word.
It's like you don't wanna miss a second, makes you wanna stop any blink!

Brenna said...

I've been noticing the same, at 8.5 months Anna is stretching out, getting long and lean, ready to become mobile. Unfortunately the avocado I've been feeding her in hopes of regaining the luscious chub has only caused her face to break out. I guess I have to let her grow.

Amanda said...

can we start pumping them with coffee and offering them cigarettes to stunt their growth? thats ok, right?

heather said...

I totally thought the same thing twice today. The first was this outfit that was way more "kid" than baby and the second was when her little legs were standing so straight as she held herself up on a box.
Sigh.... so quick.

HeatherNSteve said...

oh girl i hear ya!! especially now that i have another on the way- noah seems like such a big little kid....boohoo! its going too fast!
hope your enjoying your time away. oh and your blog is MUCH easier to read now! nice change! :)