Not on Our Watch

A lot of people want to know why Jamie and I are shielding Hazel from the Pretty, Pretty Princess, Happy Little Homemaker and the Pink Girlie-Power culture that is so prevalent in our society. Many people think that these things are perfectly benign, but Jamie and I believe that this is a culture that has been created to turn Hazel into a marketing demographic, a consumer, and that these things, these products aim to hyper sexualize young girls and to stifle their creativity, strength and originality. Many of these marketing campaigns are aimed at 3-5 year olds, who are experimenting with rigid gender roles and are thinking concretely as a normal stage of their development. I have much higher hopes for Hazel as she grows.

Two recent articles on the Huffington Post and on New York Times have addressed some of the issues, and both are an entertaining read. Also, NPR's On Point yesterday aired a fascinating discussion called Younger (and Younger) Beauty Consumers. I highly recommend giving it a listen.

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