Week Five Pictures (One Day Late)

Cut me some slack, people. I've got a five week old kid.

Anyhoo, I finally got a minute to transfer, edit, upload and post some pictures from week five, including Hazel's First Easter. Easter is not normally a big holiday (or a holiday at all for that matter) in our house, but it was a big deal this past week because Hazel had her longest outing and was the farthest away from her home base as she has ever been! She did wonderfully over at the Other Donabed's house for brunch. Hazel also had her first trip to the beach! We took Hector and Flossie for their weekly romp at the off-leash dog beach in Manchester-by-the-Sea. It was much colder than we thought it would be, so we didn't last too long. Back at the car we noticed Hazel's hat was over her eyes the whole time. Oh well. She will be to the beach a million more times.

We also went to our Neurotic Mothers Group so we could get updated on everyones milk alergies, colic and sleep schedules. I don't know how long I can last there, at least sober. Perhaps I should suggest next week we mix some margaritas and get the party started. Even Hazel can't take it without being bored to tears.

I've really noticed this week how big she has grown. Her features, her cheeks, her limbs...everything seems to have sprouted and puffed up over night. I do think that she is having a growth spurt, as she has been eating almost constantly for the past couple of days. Some days she is so clingy that I cant put her down without her howling and she will only sleep on my chest. She only seems to want momma sometimes, which can be a bit draining, to say the least. She still wakes up twice at night to eat, and she is sleeping in her car seat, in our bed. It's pretty funny, but it's working for us right now.

Hazel has been enjoying music more than ever this past week. We listen to a lot of different stuff, but so far her favorites are Renaissance music, Sufijan Stevens, the Welsh song Suo Gan, the new Feist album, Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins, any Bluegrass, Cat Stevens, and The Islands. She has very eclectic tastes and is mildly (or wildly) obsessed with it all like her momma. Oh, and the Beach Boys. Only Pet Sounds.

So let's get to it! Here is Hazel Ana in the Fifth week of her life. Enjoy.

I can't get enough of Hazel in her carseat. She always looks so funny.
Learning to look at the cool knit fruit rattles that her friend Corleigh gave to her.

Amphibian baby.

We didn't realize at the time that she was peeing on the rug.

Hazel and her first cousin (once removed) Isabelle.

Someone finally noticed that there were no pictures of Hazel with her momma. Thanks for fixing that.

Hazel with her Great Aunt Margaret and Great Uncle Aram on Easter.

Hazel's first day at the beach!

Flossie Jones

Long shadows and low tide: our first born.

More of the car seat. Her hands crack me up for some reason.

"Enough with the camera, Mama."

Look at that double chiny chin chin!

A very suspicious baby.

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