Three Weeks Old!

I know not a lot of people will think that Hazel has not really changed a whole lot, but I feel like she is a whole new kiddo! She broke the eight pound mark, and her thighs are getting so chubby. Her cheeks are filling out, and every day it seems like she gets stronger and that her personality shines out. She sleeps in three to four hour blocks and has started to notice things like the dogs and finger puppets. Here are some pictures from this week in Hazel's life.

Flossie napping with her baby.

Ms. Crank Pants wakes up.

Future Middleburry Rugby Champion.

Holy crap! A snowsuit!

It's never too early to start using the exercise ball.

Handome Cousin Owen came for a visit to see Baby Hazel this weekend.

In a few years, they are going to be sneaking beers from our fridge.

The Cousins: Owen, Annabelle and Cecelia.

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