She's Almost Off to College....

Hazel changes so much every day. Anyone who says infants don't do anything just isn't paying attention. Every day I notice er movements are more refined, her facial expressions are more varied and her personality develops. Yes, she sleeps a lot. Yes she spends most of her waking time eating. But her quiet alert and her active alert phases are so much fun! We babble at each other, she loves to track brightly colored finger puppets, and her neck gets a real work out when she lays on her daddy's chest and looks all around.

Jamie went back to work on Monday, and its been an adjustment for all of us. We really loved being with our little family at home together. I'm trying to get out of the house to break up the days. I just started a 0-6 month playgroup at the Ipswich Birth to Three Center. There isn't much "playing" going on, but its nice to get out and talk to other women. I also went to the "Mother Talk" group at Beverly Hospital but it is pretty overwhelming with 25 mothers and 26 babies and far too much talk about sleep schedules and formula allergies for me. We'll see how long that one lasts. Hazel also kindly accompanied her mother to visit Cindy, our acupuncturist today. Cindy is also our neighbor and is having her daughter Willa Rose in a few more months. Hazel and I both hope that Cindy and Willa will feel like going for some walks this summer.

Hazel stirs. Let's see what Miss Thang wants.


Sandy said...

NEW PICTURES! Yeaaaaaa! She has changed in even the few days since I was torn away, well on her way to being a major cutie. Keep the pictures coming and kiss her on the neck from me.

teri springer said...

SHe's beautiful. Gotta ask about the Donovan grandparents since I'm a Donovan too. Any info on origin?? My family is from Leap in County Cork.