Perfectly Average

Today was Hazel's One Month visit with Dr. Sleeper. I'm very happy that my perfectly average sized baby has turned into a perfectly average month old kiddo! She is in the fiftieth percentile for length (21 inches), weight (8 pounds, 14 ounces) and head circumference (14 1/2 inches). I never thought I would be so happy with anything "average" but I find this very reassuring.

Developmentally, we are waiting for Hazel's First Smile (that isn't gas-induced) and for the all-important ability to Distinguish Day From Night. She is currently mastering the ability to Track Things With Her Eyes, Focusing Her Eyes on Faces, Maintaining Eye Contact and Holding Her Head Up. I'll have some One Month pictures of her head circumfrence tomorrow. Right now, Ms. Hazel demands to be fed.

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