The camera crapped the bed, so...

...I can't put any week six pictures up just now. I'll get to it soon though. Week six entertainment will now consist of a story.

Last week, Hazel started to get progressively more clingy and needy for me. It eventually got to the point over the weekend where she would not let me put her down for a second without screaming like I was abusing her. It was getting pretty annoying for me, especially after the third day in a row that Jamie had to work late and Hazel was essentially pinning me down to the couch. She didn't even like being put in the sling. She also started eating every two hours instead of every three. She was fussy if she was awake, an screaming unless I was in physical contact with her. It was getting old fast.

Monday night around ten, just as I was getting her ready for bed, Hazel had a plaid fit. She started screaming out of nowhere. Now, Hazel is not big into crying. She fusses when she is uncomfortable, and she cries when there is something wrong that is usually pretty easy to fix (poopy diaper, hungry, gassy or needing a cuddle) and she is always close to us, so she never has to cry for long. She is never left alone. But Monday night, she howled at the moon. Her whole body was stiff as a board, her face was purple, she was making herself choke on her tragic sobs, the poor thing. Nothing was working to soothe her. I finally had to resort to putting her in her crib and taking a breather in the bathroom. I think this was the first time Hazel has ever been alone in her room, and she just screamed louder. Finally, for some unknown reason she just stopped. She probably got tired and just passed out cold just after 1am.

The next morning I went to change her diaper, and when I stripped her down I thought, "Who's baby is this?!" Hazel grew overnight! Her belly got wider and rounder, her arms got pudgier, even her head got bigger! It seemed pretty freaky to me so I put on some of her newborn sized clothes (which she still fit into well into her eighth pound) and they were too small. Her pants were like Ipswich clam-diggers all of a sudden. Her sleeves were too short. Even her size one Seventh Generation diapers all of a sudden fit when they had been too big before. Her newborn sized diapers are too small to even use anymore.

Since Hazel's concentrated growth spurt, she has returned to normal. She lets me put her down again so that I can use the bathroom, or refill my water glass. I guess she just pulled an Incredible Hulk.


Sandy said...

"Plaid Fit", LOL- that's straight from Grandpa Swede's mouth. When I get home I guess we will have to take the tyke on a shopping spree for some Big Kid clothes!

RalphSchmalph said...

Growing pains!!! I always thought that was a myth. I hope she doesn't grow too fast. I don't want to have a full set of teeth by the time I see her next.