Hazel's Playlist

Not Fade Away: Buddy Holly & the Crickets (love is love not fade away)
Chan Chan: Buena Vista Social Club
Here come the Martian Martians: Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers
If You're Feeling Sinister: Belle & Sebastian
'Deed I Do: Blossom Dearie
Handle With Care: Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins
After Hours: Velvet Underground
China Girl: David Bowie
Don't Call Me Whitney, Bobby: Islands
Centerfold: The J. Giles Band
SexyBack: Justin Timberlake
Who By Fire: Leonard Cohen
Ugly: Violent Femmes
Rockaway Beach: The Ramones

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HeatherNSteve said...

amanda- love your blog. very cute and funny. also- we have the same boppy and same snow suit (except noahs is brown). hazel is adorable and by the way- i was talking to DH the other day about how much i LOVE the name Hazel and it is now on our list of potential girl names for the future! :) its so beautiful!
oh and I noticed in a couple pics hazel has a little storkbite/angel kiss on her forehead in between her eyebrows- Noah has the SAME thing!!! too weird!!

heather (a babyfit pal)