Seven Weeks Old

Every time we put her snow suit on her, we get this face. She freezes with her limbs stuck straight out and looks shocked at what we have done to her. Poor thing.

We don't have a lot of pictures for this week. I think we have been pretty busy. Jamie was home Friday and Monday of this week, but Monday doesn't count because he had oral surgery. While Jamie was getting his jaw cut open, Hazel and I walked the beach in Swampscott and had some coffee. It rained for a lot of the weekend, so we didn't do very much, but somehow the time flew and nothing that we planned to have done, was done (yardwork and taxes, mostly). Jamie was able to take Hazel down to Boston on Saturday to have lunch with his parents and it allowed me the time to finally take a bath and work my scary feet back to normal. Pregnancy did a number on them since they were out of reach for many moons. Saturday night I was able to go out with my girlfriends for Too Much Wine and Too Much Indian Food and most importantly, some adult conversation that did not revolve around baby related crap. I missed Hazel terribly, but going out and feeling normal again was priceless.

Yesterday we took the dogs back to the beach in snobby and exclusive Manchester-by-the-Sea. Hazel tolerated her snow-suit and the cold. We did not make it out to our Neurotic Mothers Group yesterday morning due to an epic blowout of poop, pee and puke from every orifice all at once. It was truly magnificent. Hazel was spitting up out of her nose while peeing all over herself and kicking her feet around in the poop that was running down both legs. I just stood back with my jaw agape and waited for it to be over so that I might intervene. When the leaking seemed to come to a stop, I picked her up and carried her to the bathroom to hose her off like a baby elephant. We decided that the Neurotic Mothers could do without this story, as it was really the most eventful baby-related thing I would have to contribute when it was my turn to speak.

Speaking of mamas, my very cool mama-friend Michelle (also a SAHM, but a very laid back, snarky, and intelligent one) sent me this blog. I feel like this woman is a funnier and smarter version of me, but damn if she doesn't live inside my head! I'll just let her speak for me from now on.

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