Meet Hazel

So, Hazel had her Meet and Greet party at her Grandma Sandy's house. She wore a little wool, red-plaid jumper that I wore when I was her age, and she looked dashing if I do say so myself. It was quite tight on her, but I wiggled her into it anyway. At the end of the night we had to actually cut her out of the dress. I'm glad she got to wear it once...

She did very well with all of the excitement and held herself together like a lady (except for one big blowout of poop). She was all smiles and coos and cuddles with everyone who looked at her and charmed the pants off of everyone in attendance. Her cousins Nora and Taline were fascinated by her little self and followed around behind her like baby ducklings all afternoon. Six-year old Nora was so thrilled to meet Hazel (who she said was named "Hazel and Gretel") that she had made her a beautiful aqua headband and matching pillow with the help of her grandmother. It really is quite stunning, though we might have to wait a while before the headband fits her little pea head.

It was a small group of family, nothing fancy. The usual Suspects were in attendance: Grandma and Grandpa Donabed, Nate and his beautiful girlfriend Amy, Ani (Audrey) and Apo, Laraine and Koko with Taline and Nora, Jack and Patty Petersen, the O'Donnells (Patty, Loraine, Johnny and Jean with her husband Steve), Richard and Helena, Lisa Cowley, and Michelle.

We were prety tired after all was said and done. I didn't end up taking that many pictures because I was so busy chatting, but here are a few highlights.

Apo held a sleeping Hazel for half the day. She was quite content.

Jack, Patty, Grandpa Ralph and The Star of the Show.

Taline, Nora, Mama and the big bald dome.

Nora and Hazel-and-Gretel modeling her new handmade headband.

Amy and Hazel in her fabulous new sunglasses from Lisa Cowley.

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