Best. Christmas. Ever.

Jamie has had his eye on this giraffe for Hazel since I was pregnant. Finally he had his chance! Hazel woke up in a delightful mood- I would rate this a three on the four-point escalation scale for Hazels fussiness. You can tell by how many pacifiers she has in play- note in this picture that she has one in her mouth, and one in her hand. If we were to ignore her much longer and allowed her to become more upsent, she may pick another pacifier up with her free hand and wave them both around through her tears. When Hazel reaches mach 4, she will rapidly switch the pacifier in her mouth out for the ones in her hands in a sort of juggling-type movement; spit out the one in the mouth, plug mouth with right-hand pacifier, become upset that both hands aren't holding pacifiers, pick up pacifier that had been spit out, repeat cycle. This is how she woke up, so we thought it would be a good time to present her with her gift. And document it. Enjoy in particular the video. Note the poopy butt-sniff at 0:28. Merry Christmas, little Porkpie! You make us laugh so much.

I would like to add that now, about three weeks later, the girafe lives in the corner of her room and she spends every moment in there waving at it. "Hi, girafe. Hi, girafe. Hi, girafe." I think it is going to be one of the things about her childhood that she rememebers forever.


Kerry Lynn said...

OMG! That girafe is enormous!!
The pacifiers crack me up too.
Lately my son has wanted one for his mouth and another one to hold onto. AT almost 22 months I should probably be doing something about it.

I don't know why I didn't think of this before but I was thinking that I want to do a free photo session with the three of you if you're interested. You've been through so much and I thought this would be a fun thing for you.

My website is www.klgproductions.com and email is kerry@klgproductions.com

In case you don't remember who I am, I am Shauna's friend.

Elizabeth said...

My 8mo baby watched the video with me - she was entranced by seeing and hearing another "little"! So cute.

AlePancha said...

OMG!! this post has me still smiling 20 minutes after reading it!!! I love it when Hazel is just pushing the jiraffe off with her hand!!! That's what J does when I am over-kissing-harrassing him!! Too cute!! Love this girl!

Corleigh said...

It is so amazing that you finally got her the girafe. I love it. Hazel is so amazing!

Little Miss Maia said...

Too cute!!

As for the binky shuffle, Maia is the opposite--she likes to play with multiple binkys when she's happy (she actually did get 2 in her mouth at the same time the other day); when she's fussy she throws them out of the crib and then cries until she gets another one.

I'm glad Hazel has made peace with Sophie now!

anna said...

She's a cutie!!

I love her look when she sees the girafe...


HeatherNSteve said...

that was SOOO cute and funny! steve and i are crackin up here. its so sad when she recoils away! poor girl. so cute. love her. :)