Christmas Continued

Still trying to catch up with all of these holiday pictures, so let's not waste any more time. First off, look at how incredibly beautiful my daughter is becoming. Every day she grows into herself a little more, and is just blooming into this opinionated, independent, curious almost-toddler. I'm just continually amazed by her. Even in my wildest dreams when I was pregnant, I never pictured her like this. I never imagined that she would be so bright and so beautiful. She just takes my breath away a thousand times a day.

Hazel and her cousin Owen, who is ten months older than her. Isn't it funny how much they look alike? I guess it's not that funny- they are related. I can't wait to see them grow up together.

This picture was so much fun to take! See the video at the end of the post of the crazy grown ups trying to get them to all look at the camera. So, left to right, this is Hazel, Annabelle, Owen, Cecelia and Lorna. This is five of six cousins, all born within two years!

Okay, so yes, Jamie and I brought Hazel to a bar in Jamaica Plain on her first Christmas, but it's not what you think. We had some time to kill is all, and the dining area was closed and there is this great big stone fireplace in this bar and we just thought it would be a nice place to grab a beer and warm up between parties. That's all. But, In case no one noticed, I have no pictures of Hazel with Santa. This is mostly because I refuse to wait in line with a screaming baby for three hours at the mall. So, we are sitting in the bar when this man (obviously Santa) leans over and says, "So, you want a picture with the kid?" and he pulls his hat out of his pocket! I guess he was just fueling up for his trip around the planet later that evening. He was kind enough to come over and do his thing for the camera, and I love that in Hazel's first pictures with Santa you can see whats on tap.

Oddly enough, she was the only baby in the bar this Christmas.

Off to the second Christmas part of the day at Hazel's great Aunt and Uncles house. She was pretty exhausted at this point, and was a little stunned by the attention showered on her by her tween cousins and aunties. This is her cousin Nora holding up the very cool hat and mittens she picked out for Hazel. We can't wait until she is big enough to wear it.

Here is my double chin.

She really is quite good at opening presents.

Trying to escape the tween paparazzi.

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Elizabeth said...

You look fabulous in the party pictures!
We spent V's first Christmas in a bar too - in Chicago's Union Station, in transit. I got food poisoning from the chicken wings I ate though so I guess the winter gods were punishing me...