Finally, Part One

Here are some mediocre pictures from Hazel's first Langford Yankee Swap party in Maine. This is by far our favorite holiday party. Please note Hazel's super cute bow. She was quite the star, despite being passed from auntie to auntie all night long. She held up well like the tough girl she is. The last picture is Hazel picking her Yankee Swap gift. She got mama a "movie night" basket, complete with candy popcorn and a DVD of the Dark Knight. Way to go, Hazel! Much better than the crappy gifts we normally get (or the crappy gifts we normally contribute to the swap). Hazel certainly love opening presents, and honed her skills well this night.

We were lucky to get lots and lots of snow this holiday season, which we love so Hazels first Christmas was a white Christmas. Lucky kiddo. Lucky mama. Sometimes I just can't even believe how lucky we are that we get to keep her... We spent as much time in the snow as we could, but Hazel had a pretty yucky cold, as did mama and it was about a hundred below zero. She had fun catching the snowflakes on her perfect little pink tongue. Here are our pictures from the afternoon we headed out to our farm in a snowstorm to pick up our farm share. We live in the most beautiful part of Massachusetts, I think. Lucky kiddo, lucky mama.


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Awesome!! Perfect white snow! How incredible to be able to share such things with our LO huh?
Hugs, warm hugs.