And On We Go

OK, enough of that. It is time to be on with it. I had my lumbar puncture on Thursday and, yes it was horrible. I'll hear from my neurologist as soon as he knows something, but until then, I'm just trying to learn as much as I can about the various disease modifying drugs and so forth. My hands are still pins-and-needles, fingertips are numb and my torso is tingling and there's a real loss of sensation there. The neurologist thinks that this flare will pass without Solu-Medrol infusions and will leave minimal damage in it's wake. Let's hope.

I really need to thank all of the amazing women at Babyfit, who over the last sixteen months have become very close friends, and some of the most supportive women in my life. Also, my amazing sarcastic, laid-back, mama friends (The Momtourage) who I have shared countless margaritas with on Tuesday afternoons, who get my jokes, and who have all offered to help with Hazel at the drop of a hat. This mothering thing would be a totally different experience without you guys. Who would I drink beer with? Probably myself, and that is just sad. Jamie has been home for almost two weeks now and this process would have been intolerable without him, so a big shout out (HOLLA!) to his fabulous coworkers, who I know read this blog and wring their hands right along with us. I promise I will bring Hazel into the office as soon as this most recent project is over so Jamie can pass her around for some Lexecon Lovin'. Especially to Stephanie, Shauna, and Krystine.

Despite all this health bullshit, Hazel has not slowed down one bit. I think having her dad around has accelerated her development. Don't ask me why or how. I don't even know why I said that, but I do know that she is like a new kiddo around him. As of yesterday, she has finally started to crawl forward! For weeks she has been doing her backward Army-crawl and has spent hours stuck under armchairs and ottomans. She has made the connection between pushing off with her little feet and propelling herself towards what she wants instead of away from it.

Hazel, as of two nights ago, has also started laughing at things that she thinks are funny! It's so cool! We used to have to DO something to her (bite her armits, munch on the back of her neck, blow raspberries on her bare belly) in order to hear her shrimpy little laugh, but the other night when the three of us were laying in bed together, she just looked over at her dad and started to crack up. He wasn't doing anything at all, just gazing and smiling at her, but she thought it was the funniest thing! She would look away, and look back and belly-laugh. This morning she was doing it again. I think this is the start of a Sense of Humor.

Last week, Hazel was sitting on her dad's lap on the couch and she just looked up at me and started making chewing motions with her jaw. I sort of stared back at her, curious, and then the sounds started coming out; "dadadadadadadadadada...". Finally, we have a babbler! Since that Thursday evening, she has not shut up and we can't get enough of it. I loved the constant shrieking, and there still is a bit of that, but she has added to her vocabulary all of these speech sounds that she utters with this breathy urgency that we love. I have tried to get as much on tape as I can, but as soon as Hazel sees the video camera, she freezes and stares. Does not make for very exciting movies.

So, we have been visiting with friends and family, sending time with each other, playing witb Hazel, and doing our normal thing (aside from me having a nail jabbed in my spine). Life goes on. I will certainly update about mv health here as I learn things, but until then I am enjoying my daughter, beautifulandperfect and my husband without whom I am but a husk.

Pictures coming soon.


AlePancha said...

i loved readind this post Amanda. I smile at the thought of you pulling yourself together for the sake of enjoying Hazel.
Ohhh and you should add a video of her laughing at Dad! That is so cute!
Big hugs!

Stephanie said...

This was the best post! The first coming of the belly laugh completely uninduced! I love that! There is absolutely nothing in this world that will heal more souls... than the laughter of a child.


Please bring Miss Hazel in... I'm overdue for a baby fix!

Dawn said...

Yay Hazel! How exciting! Tre just started crawling and laughing at things he thinks are funny too! I would love to see a video of her doing those things!

I have been praying for you and I will continue to as well.

HeatherNSteve said...

aww how cute of your little hazel!!! noah too says dada all day...no mama in sight. :( but its so darn cute i just dont care! so glad your feeling a bit more optimistic. thank the lord for hazel to keep things a little sunny! praying for you babe! :) HUGS!