An Update

I figured I owed everyone an update about whats going on. I had my brain scan, and spoke with my neurologist the following morning. He unfortunately said that my scan is "very abnormal" with "significant non-specific damage to the white matter" in both hemispheres. My brain has scars all over it. My neurologist said that multiple sclerosis is his first thought right now. I am scheduled for a cervical spine MRI on Sunday morning, and I'm in the hospital all day Tuesday for a lumbar puncture. The lumbar puncture will rule out about a billion viruses, and will rule in MS, if in fact that is whats going on. The c-spine scan will survey the extent of the damage to my spinal cord so far.

I'm scared. I'm depressed. I can't stand even looking at Hazel right now. I'm pissed that I only had six healthy months daydreaming about our future together before everything fell apart. I don't really want to talk about it beyond that. I will continue to update here as we find out more information, but this is a very dark time for my family. Thank you to everyone for your continued thoughts, prayers, good vibes, and wishes. Keep sending us strength and health. We need it.


HeatherNSteve said...

Amanda I just want to let you know I am praying for you and your family. I can only imagine how hard this is on you. What a scary thing to be going through. I thought I would say though- my aunt has MS and though it has been difficult at times, she has been mostly healthy and happy and doctors say she (and a lot of other with MS) should live a long and full life. I know that probably doesnt make you feel much better, but- maybe it can give you just a little hope about your possible diagnosis. Like i said though- my husband and i have been praying for you daily and will continue. many hugs to you! xoxox

Little Miss Maia said...

Amanda, I continue to think of you and am sending lots of good karma/good vibes your way. I know that you will make your way through this dark time. No matter what the diagnosis, your daughter is very lucky that she will have such an strong, beautiful, smart and amazing mom to have as a role model and friend. Nothing any doctor says is going to change that.