Some Random Pictures

I'm holding Magnolia (Hazel's BFF) and Emily is forcing Anson on her. Poor kids...we had so much wine this night. Luckily Hazel was left at home in bed.

Hazel nursing Daddy's beer at an impromptu barbecue at Natalie and Derek's. Hazel also found out this evening that she should expect to have another friend to play with in April! Natalie is knocked up!!

We were graced this week with a visit by Auntie Jen, Cousin Owen and Hazel's new Cousin Lorna. Owen obsessed over the dogs, Hazel obsessed over Owen, Lorna obsessed over boob and napping and Jen and I tried to catch up while maintaining some kind of order.

Gumming Sophie the Giraffe

Hazel's cute-as-hell pirate shirt! Jamie was in Washington DC today and got stuck overnight, so I just took these pictures to email to him in his meeting so he could see Hazel in (almost) real time. Everyone say hi to Jamie in his stupid boring meeting! HI JAMIE!


Jaymee said...


Hazel my dear you get cuter every time your momma posts a picture.

Amanda HI I miss you, must get up to see you. LOVES and KISSES

Stacey said...

What, no patch? What's that about?