Labor Day

I know this is a week late, but this has been a busy time for us, and I just have not had a moment to get this up. For Labor Day weekend, Jamie needed to get the hell out of town and away from his job, which has been consuming every moment of his life lately. We went up to his families lake house in Maine on Sunday morning and just stayed for one night. There were more people already up there than we expected, but we had such a good time eating, cooking, swimming, reading, playing, listening to and playing music, drinking beer and picking blueberries. Here are some pictures!

Uncle Christopher serenading little Hazel, rolling around in her play yard.

Dave and Chris playing guitar for Hazel.

Little Flossie, wet and nervous.

Brave Hector playing fetch with his new friend Dave.

My view from my reading chair.

Hazel and mama, doing what we do best: staring, laughing and tickling each other.

Hazel et Sofie la Girafe

A dip in the lake.
Hazel and her da.

Getting tickled by Uncle Chris

Picking blueberries in the morning with dad for the most delicious pancakes.

They never stop trying to sink this damn float, no matter how many times they fail. They are very persistent. Dave, Jamie, Chris.

Christopher and Dave

Me and my shitty little dog.

Hazel and Cousin Haley.

Hazel with Cousin Tanner and soon-to-be Cousin Gabby. Gabby and Tanner are probably one of the most attractive couples out there, and we cannot wait to get as drunk at their wedding as Tanner got at ours. Gabby is a total natural with kiddos. She is going to be a phenomenal mama when she is ready. They cuddled right up, and she didn't even mind when Hazel barfed all over her cute dress. We love Gabby!

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~*Gabby*~ said...

As I'm severely addicted to your writing, I decided to start from the beginning and read your entries and of course I ran across this :) You're too sweet! I am so ecstatic to be joining this family! It's been so wonderful to get to know you & I look forward to watching Hazel grow :) x's and o's.