Mama and Baby Yoga

A bunch of our mama friends all got our babies together for a mama and baby yoga workshop at Prana in Salem. It was going to be a one time thing, but we had so much fun that Daniela is going to do it every month for us. Of course, it was also another excuse to get together for beer and burgers at Salem Beer Works apres yoga. Because thats what mama-gurus do.

L to R: Nathan, Beatrice, Liam, Lola, Anson and Hazel

Right after this picture was taken, Hazel reached over, snatched Ansons pacifier out of his mouth and immediately stuck it in her own. This is her eyeing it and weighing her options.

Anson, Liam and Hazel, eating a plastic bag. That contains a dirty diaper.

Anson, trying to steal Liam's pacifier to replace his own. Lola!

Lola and Tina, who managed to escape her OBGYN residency at BMC for the afternoon.

Me, feeding Hazel.

Anson, delighted with the massage Emily is giving him after class.

Jen with Beatrice, and Erin with Nathan.

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